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Don't believe this girl, she preaches mayhem!

Kiley Dawn D'Moreno. You can't smoke you're just a baby. It'll make you sick, keep you from breathing. You can't swim you're just a baby. Splashing on the surface, sinking in the deep end. You can't drink you're just a baby. It will make you sick, keep you from growing. Cause we lost ourselves in this game of love. Come here & show me what you're really made of. You want it, come & get it. I live in a fairytale. If it's not real you can't hold it in your hands, you can't feel it with your heart. And I won't believe it. If you can wait till I get home, then I swear to you that we can make this last. I believe in stars, I believe in the sky. The more you know the less you know the more you try. People that'll fight for our name. :)

Kill The Music. Breathe Carolina, Fear Before, We Came As Romans, The Devil Wears Prada, & Panic! At The Disco are five bands that make me smile. My Itouch is always next to me. :) Friends Don't Let Friends Play Story Mode. Friends have come & gone but I appreciate every single one of them, even if they aren't around anymore. People that make my life worth something include: Anthony D'Moreno, Lacey Cartwright, Kristofer Burton, Kyle Albright, Christopher Madison, Cameron Wyatt, Alicia Aida, & Robert Ross. And that is just to name a few. And I have a question; what is love? Family love is messy, clinging, and of an annoying & repetitive pattern. I have a HUGE family. And it keeps getting bigger. My mother & sister have been there from the very beginning. My sister has given me two amazing things: Kyle (the best brother-in-law I could ever ask for) & Olivia (my niece who I adore with all my heart.) I love my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, & siblings so much it is ridiculous. My family is beautiful. Heaven can wait. I'm not religious. I consider myself Agnostic, which means I believe whatever I want to believe. But there is one person who I will always believe in no matter what is said & that is GOD. I thank him everyday for what he has given to me. The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one. I work at Hard Rock Cherokee Casino & Hotel as a cocktail waitress. I also work in the Center Bar every other Saturday & I work the pool too. :) It's extremely fun & the atmosphere is always upbeat. I also sell merch for my friend's band My Morning Skyline! :) My (Fucking) Deer Hunter. I'm a vegetarian. In August 2010 I'll be going on FIVE YEARS! I feel it is a great accomplishment & it makes me feel good about myself. I don't look down on anybody that eats meat, just to clear that up. Maybe one day I will go back, maybe I won't. Love Is Our Weapon. You & Me could write a bad romance. Singleee. :) Just trying to find someone to make me happy. Absolute future, absolute past, absolutely fabulous & me. I'm a licensed cosmetologist. I am proud of myself for achieving that goal at such a young age. Do I like to do hair? Fuck no. Just because I'm good at it doesn't mean I like doing it. I don't want to work in a salon, so don't ask. I only do hair on the side, for family & friends. And yes, you have to pay. A gift for fiction. I do not have words to manifest how much I love to read. My face is always in a book. Harry Potter has my heart. I've read all of those books more than 10 times. Oh yes. :) Chuck Palahniuk is the man when it comes to writing. Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. This is the most passion you will ever see. My passion? Writing. I've written over 50 stories ranging from short, novel, standalones, & more. They are all on the Internet & have acquired an immense following of fans. I cannot take credit for some of them, as those are partnered stories, & therefore I give credit to my accomplice Danie for writing some of those with me. Please Take A Long, Hard Look Through Your Textbook Cause I'm History. People should never stop learning. I love to learn & will continue to find out everything I can for as long as I live. Home Sweet Home. I am moved out and I live with Ariel & Winter. Sleeping At The Movies. I love when things can be taken from paper & ink and made into pictures. Harry Potter (the entire series), The Breakfast Club, & Labyrinth are my favorite movies ever. The Final Episode (Let's Change Channels). I don't watch television much but when I do I tend to watch a lot of Family Guy. My favorite television show ever is Prison Break with Buffy The Vampire Slayer in second place. I can watch those two shows over & over. Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks. Just to settle this; YES, I'm 102 lbs. NO, I cannot gain weight. I've tried. YES, I eat like a fucking cow. I just have a very high metabolism. So please stop thinking I'm anorexic. I can live off of Chips & Salsa, Chex Mix Bars, Veggie Bacon, Sweet Tea, Milk, Mozzarella Sticks from Sonic, & Subway for the rest of my life. High As A Horse. Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over. Logic Of Crocodiles. I dislike animal cruelty & if I ever find out someone that I know has harmed an animal that'll be the end of us. Animals are like people, they have emotions too! It sickens me to know that people can do that. I would never even dream of hurting an animal or human being. It's extremely fucked up. I've had many animals in my life & I love them all. At the moment I have two dogs. Kammie is a min-pin & Keltie is a pug/boston terrier mix. Three chickens: Eevee, Yellow Snow, & Jeremy. :) Two Mice: Hermione Kalei Shinx & Dakota Breanne Gaga. And a Hamster: Puddles. (He's Ariel's but since he lives in the house with me.) YES. Our house is a zoo. My cat that I had for 16 years passed last year on November 20th & I miss him so much. RIP Sylvester. And That Cellular Will Be The Death Of Us I Swear. I love to text. That is all. I have a Samsung Behold. Ten Seconds In Los Angeles. Shopping. :) My favorite stores are Hot Topic, Rue 21, & Pac Sun. A Gentlemen's Sport. I was in Gymnastics for 10 years. It is about the only sport I will participate in. A Hero Is One Who Knows How To Hang On One Minute Longer. My heroes are: Robert Ross. He's been holding on for almost 3 years in prison. I know he'll be out soon. My two Grandpa's. They both held on for a long time before succumbing to death. I hope I can do the same. The Downfall Of Us All. Carpal Tunnel & OCD are my downfalls. Hello Fascination. Late nights & early parades, still photos & noisy arcades. Photography. Call Of Duty. Dance. Piercing's. Tattoos. I love body modification. I have a REINVENT <3 tattoo, the heart is different though. I also have the symbol of the Deathly Hallows on my right shoulder. And I have started on what will become two full sleeves. I have a half sleeve on my right arm. :) I have eight piercings. My ears are done twice. I am currently gauging the first hole. They are at 2's. I also have snakebites, my septum, & a smiley piercing. :) Concerts. Neon colors. Painting. Drawing. Modeling. Ugh. So much more.

I completely dislike people who are fake, who speak L!k3 d1z... geez! How hard is it to type, text, or write normally? Fuck! And I have a fear of mustard. Got a problem with it? I don't. I also have a fear of lotion. NO FREAKING LIE. It is so nasty. I hate it and want to cry every time I see someone put it on. I won't put it on myself at all.

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